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Walden Pond

Friday, October 31, 2014

What Works for Me

First things first, my Holiday Scale Accountability Club weigh-in was not good news. I didn't expect it to be since I've not been good the last couple of days. I'm back up to 290. But next week's will be great. I know what I need to do.

After my experiment with Whole30, I've decided to give myself a kick in the rear and do what I already know works for me, adding in what I learned from the Whole30 experience. What works for me really comes down to one thing: exercise and quiet time.

The only time I'm ever been able to lose weight effectively is when I focus on exercise. I'm not saying that diet isn't important, or that I don't need to watch what I eat to lose weight. What I mean is that when I am exercising every day, I don't have to watch my food intake because I just naturally make good choices. I don't even have to think about it. After I've exercised about 10 days in a row, I just stop reaching for Cheetos, cheese, Cokes, and bowls of rice. Instead I start grabbing asparagus (yes I eat it raw), cauliflower, celery, apples, and clementines. When I get hungry I want a salad or a pita stuffed with greens. I want squash and lentils. I drink way more water. It just happens.

The other thing that really helps me is meditation. I used to do a 25-minute yoga session every morning. It helped me wake up and keep my focus throughout the day. It was better than the cappuccino I've been using instead. With two kids gone, more of the morning chores have fallen back to me, so I've let it go. I really don't want to get up 30 minutes earlier everyday, but maybe a 10 minute routine in the morning could be squeezed in.

I also used to meditate before I ate, every meal, for about 5 minutes. It caused me to make better choices about food, eat more slowly, and enjoy my food more. I stopped because I was eating lunch out a lot and didn't really want to shut everyone out for 5 minutes at lunch. Then I dropped the other mealtime meditations, too. I've changed jobs since then, and have a different lunch hour than my coworkers. I need to bring those meditations back.

So my own personal weight-loss program for Connie is as follows:
  1. Do at least 10 minutes of yoga every morning.
  2. Walk/run (I don't run but I want to) for at least 30 minutes every day.
  3. Meditate 5-8 minutes before each meal.
  4. Eat breakfast.
That's it. All the other changes come naturally with how exercise and meditation make me feel. I am ready to get this done!!

But not tonight. No, tonight is the best night of the year. Tonight is better than my birthday and Christmas all rolled into one. Tonight I get to stay up late and howl at the moon! I get to go see Rocky Horror Picture Show with my friends and act crazy. Tonight I am able to make myself look however I want to. And tonight that means that I am a Zombie Masquerader!!!

Happy Halloween everyone!!!

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  1. Connie! That Zombie makeup is awesome! You did great and sounds like you have a good plan figured out. Have a great weekend!

    1. Thanks! I took me an hour to do it (with a few practice runs during the week), but it's totally worth it.

  2. Happy Halloween! Awesome makeup job ... Glad you figured out what will work for you! Enjoy the evening out!

  3. shoot, I would've thought 4 days of Whole30 would've had you 'down' for sure. :(

    Happy Halloween!

    1. I wasn't expecting a loss the first week. My body tends to rebel against drastic changes. It circles the wagons and doesn't let anything go, LOL. I figured I'd have a big loss the second week if I'd kept at it.

  4. "But next week's will be great. I know what I need to do." That's great and sounds a good plan.

    Hope you enjoyed Halloween make up looks great,

    All the best Jan