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Walden Pond

Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Weigh-in and Stay Away from the Danger Zone

For me, the danger zone is McDonald's, or at least it's one of the danger zones. I went to McDonald's yesterday with the full intention of getting a salad. I really like their salads, too, so I wasn't sacrificing or punishing myself by getting one. But when I pulled into the drive-thru and opened my window, I could smell the French fries. I could hear the person ahead of me ordering French fries. So I ordered a burger and fries.

I really love McDonald's French fries. I don't have that problem at other places. At those other places, I can take them or leave them. But McDonald's fries are DIFFERENT. I thought I could resist them, but I was wrong. I'm not strong enough for that...yet.

The old me would have said, "Screw it," and ordered hot fudge sundae or a caramel frappe to go with the burger and fries. Instead, I just got the burger and fries. I logged it, and adjusted my dinner plans to stay in line with my calories.

By the time I bough groceries last night, it was getting late. Hubby and kid wanted McDonald's, and I didn't want to cook. So that's what we did, but this time I did order the salad. So my calories were still under goal! Yay! So the lesson: I don't need to ever go to McDonald's by myself.

Lunch was still a bad choice. I don't deny that. But I'm not quitting this time. I may have to stop every now and then to change a tire, but I'm going to keep down this road until I reach Walden. And from there--who knows?

Here is what I at yesterday.

Lunch: McDonald's double cheeseburger and large fries. 960 calories
Dinner: McDonald's grilled chicken bacon ranch salad with dressing. 410 calories
Snack: Almonds and cheese. 160 calories

Total calories: 1530--40 calories below target!

Today is weigh-in day! I got on the scale this morning ready to accept whatever it gave me. I've been off plan most of the month, and I have rarely exercised. Well, the scale read 288! That's 2 pounds down! If I can lose 2 pounds half-assing it, imagine what I can do when I really work at it. Let's find out this month, shall we?

1307.51 / 0 / 1289.68 

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