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Walden Pond

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Salad Days

I missed breakfast again this morning. I'm going to have to go back to keeping something in the office. That seems the only way to ensure that I will not skip a meal.

I decided on a bigger lunch today, since I have my breakfast calories, too. I got a grilled chicken salad from McDonald's.

I think it's funny that your youth is called your salad days. I know it's because it is at the beginning, but no one calls old age your "dessert days," do they? Anyway, in my salad days, I hated salad. Actually, I hated salad for most of my adult life, too. Once I was 35 or so, I finally figured out why: every salad I'd ever been served or offered had sliced onion in it. I hate raw onion. Once I started picking that out, I found that salads were great!

Now that there are only three of us in the house, I will sometimes make a huge Olive Garden style salad with some of their light salad dressing. I'll pick up a rotisserie to go with it, and everyone is happy. Sometimes my husband and I will skip the chicken and have multiple bowls of salad.

Tonight I'm going to the grocery store to pick up my healthy food for the next few days.

I forgot to take pictures of my food yesterday, but here is the breakdown.

Breakfast: Instant white chocolate caramel cappuccino at the office. 360 calories
Lunch: Rice-a-Roni cheddar broccoli cup. 230 calories
Dinner: Golden Mushroom beef (I made pancakes for Michael and Tori, but I had the lunch I forgot to bring to work). 951 calories

Total: 1541 calories

So I had a day under goal. I think I should make a habit of that, don't you?

Tomorrow, I should be able to finish my current work project by noon. That means I should have time to hit the gym before going home. I already have my workout clothes here in the office, so I have no excuses not to go.

I'm going to win this. I just am.

1307.51 / 0 / 1289.68

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