Walden Pond

Walden Pond

Thursday, September 25, 2014

Post Anniversary Report

My anniversary weekend was wonderful! I didn't keep track of calories, but I did not overeat--not even once. I don't just mean that I didn't binge; I didn't overeat. I stopped when I first started to feel full. Also, I didn't obsess over food. Usually on a trip like this, everything would be planned around the meals. Where do we eat? How many restaurants can we squeeze into one trip? How many of my favorite foods can I have? I didn't do that at all. I was so relaxed and happy spending time with Michael, I didn't even notice the food that much. We went to a festival that I know had concession stands right behind where we were sitting, but I couldn't tell you what was being sold. It just wasn't as interesting as talking with my husband and watching the boat races and people.

When we were ready to eat, we tried new places. I'm not usually big on trying new restaurants. What if it's not great? What if we "wasted" a meal on food that was just "okay" when we could have had my favorite meal at this other place? But I didn't do that. Food was just not the focus.

This may seem totally normal to some people, but it is a totally new thing to me. I've spent most of my life avoiding as much interaction with people as I can. Eating is a great way to avoid talking to people. But I didn't feel like that on this trip. It was a revelation. Maybe this is how normal people eat?

This morning we had another birthday breakfast at work. I had a spoonful of apple oatmeal that I brought, half a donuts, one slice of bacon, and a cup of chocolate milk. I also talked to someone new, which is also a big deal for me.

I have to work late until next week, so I haven't been hitting the gym at all. I hope to change that after this work project is finished. I'm still planning to make it to Walden Pond, so I will have to really step up my game.

Mostly, I'm just really proud of myself for this weekend!

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