Walden Pond

Walden Pond

Thursday, September 11, 2014

Rainy Day Blahs

What is it about a rainy day that makes me want to curl up and sleep. It started raining last night where I live. This made it terribly hard for me to sleep. For one thing, the noise of the rain was distracting. For another, my Great Pyr is afraid of storms, so he kept trying to climb into bed with us. There's just not enough room for that.

After a long, long night, I hit the snooze too many times this morning. In all my rushing to get my morning chores done, I forgot about breakfast entirely. That led to some not great choices at lunch today, but I'll talk more about that tomorrow.

The main thing I want to focus on today is that I finally got some walking done at the gym. I'm one and a half miles closer to Walden! I'm really dragging today, but I wanted to get that out there.

So here is my food from yesterday.

Breakfast: White chocolate cappuccino and grapes because I forgot my breakfast yesterday, too. 418 cal

Lunch: Whole wheat pita stuffed with black beans, hummus, cucumber, and spinach with eggplant patties. 485 cal

Dinner: Burrito made with a whole wheat tortilla, sweet potatoes, black beans, guacamole, and cheese, with a side of salad. I didn't eat the salad; it was too wilted. 426

Snack: Fudge Pop. 40

Daily Total: 1369

Not bad, really, considering my morning routine is all out of whack.

I also went to the gym yesterday. The bank of treadmills was completely empty, so I was worried they still hadn't fixed the power. But everything was running great! So I hopped on for 30 minutes of walking. I was hoping to get two miles in, but I guess that's what happens when you're out of the habit. Hopefully it won't take me long to get back up to a 15 minute mile.

Be sure to check back tomorrow to hear about what a train wreck today has been.

1307.51 / 1.5 / 1289.68

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