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Walden Pond

Monday, September 29, 2014

Too Busy for My Own Good

I woke up early this morning feeling fully rested. I decided to make the most of the extra time I had. So I started a load of laundry, unloaded the dishwasher, woke up my daughter, vacuumed our living room, walked the dogs, and switched the clothes over to the dryer. I was so proud of myself. That is until I was almost to work and realized that I had forgotten to eat breakfast or grab the lunch I had planned to take.

This is the day before payday, so I have exactly $2.00 to my name. We have no vending machines near where I work. Luckily, I keep a cappuccino mix and a Rice-A-Roni meal in my desk most of the time for emergencies. They don't actually taste all that great, but they work in a pinch.

Since I didn't have much to eat during the day, I'm allowing myself a higher calorie dinner tonight: pancakes! Pancakes is our usual "nothing to eat in the house" meal. The pancakes themselves are not too high in calories (just 265 calories for three large pancakes). My problem is the butter or margarine. I like my pancakes almost soaked in the stuff. I usually use more calories on the butter than I do on the pancakes. I'm working on that, but for tonight, I should have enough calories to spare.

Here is my food from yesterday.

Breakfast: One mini bagel with fat free cream cheese. 135 calories
Lunch: Boxed mac and cheese with cheese slices and crackers. 830 calories
Dinner: Golden mushroom beef over rice and a Coke Zero. 795 calories

Total: 1760 calories

According to MyFitnessPal, I didn't actually go over because of the calories awarded to me for exercising. I've been trying to decide how to handle this. My armband syncs with MFP to log exercise, and MFP adjusts my calories to account for it. I'm not sure if I should count it or not. I'm leaning towards trying to stay under the 1570 baseline, but not feel too badly if I use up exercise calories--kind of a like a savings account. I don't want to dip into savings, but if I do, I'm not going to stress unless it becomes a regular thing. Does that make sense?

Just two more days until weigh day! I'm very curious to see what the scale says.

1307.51 / 0 / 1289.68

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