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Walden Pond

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Gym versus Home

I had another late morning to work today. Yesterday I had to take one of our dogs to the vet; today I took my eldest daughter to the optometrist. I plan on working late today to make up some of the time I missed.

I didn't do my workout this morning because I was still so sore and because I was wrapped up loading the crock-pot for dinner tonight. I still had time, though, and should have done it. I'll have to make sure I do my WAP tonight, even though that will mean exercising with my husband and kids watching me.

I'm thinking of switching to doing the WAP for my miles and using my gym just for strength training (whenever I decide to start that). On one hand, I had not using the gym when it's right there mocking me every day as I leave work. On the other, I feel like I get a much more strenuous workout when I use the video. I also like that I can go straight into yoga after using the video if I have the time.  I'll have to think on that some more.

Last night I made these little potato samosa things. They were really good, and I didn't feel the need to gorge on them. I was able to just eat two with some rice and yogurt, even though there were more to be had. Usually, if I like something, I want all of it. But last night I was able to stop when I was full.

When I was a child, I was a really picky eater, and there weren't often foods I liked available. So I'd go for days just picking at my food; then I would binge when there was something I liked available. I have a real deprivation issue with food. In the past, when I fixed a meal I particularly liked, I would hide some from my family so that I could have it later. Eventually I figured out that since I was doing the cooking, I could have that meal whenever I wanted. I didn't have to feel deprived. So for several months, I made my favorite foods several times a week. Eventually, I got tired of them (as did my family), and they lost that "specialness" that made me want to hoard it all for myself.

I still have some issues with that, but I'm usually able to keep it in check and talk myself though it.

I've been thinking more about trying to actively lose weight, but I'm still not sure if I'm ready for that. I know I need to lose and that it will just be harder the longer I wait, but I'm afraid that the pressure of following a plan with trigger a backlash. I think I will wait a little longer, since the exercise part of my life seems to be going so well.

Since I won't be exercising until later tonight, my numbers are the same as yesterday.

1307.51 / 0 / 1301.18

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